Robin Troubleshooting

Quick checks -



Colour Sequence -


Yellow - not connected/ initialising charge (first 10-14 seconds of docking handset).

Red - Fast Charge 

Green - Fully charged (trickle Charge)

Alternating Green/Red - Fault (Battery Defect)

If there is NO LIGHT on the charger check both of below -

Plug is connected and switched on

Charger to docking station wire is connected

If Charging light stays on yellow - 

Check pins on both Docking station and handset, Clean if neccessary.

Other things to check ...

Emergency lower isnt activated (see below)


Push button back in if this is the case.

Handset functionality

If buttons on handset dont operate lift, check buttons underneath the robin machine itself.

If buttons on Robin unit work and handset doesn't, check below.


Check Handset to Robin unit connection is good

If this doesnt solve the issue, a new handset may be required.

If this is the case or there is something else wrong with your Robin ...